Star Wars: The Apprentice

Original Score by Jonathan Hartman

Todd Sandler, Director
Starring Paul Alessi,. Charlotte Keir
Produced by Hyrax Entertainment & Vision Films.

Todd Sandler is an incredibly talented editor and director.  He’s done notable editing work for Steven Spielberg, Bad Robot, and countless others.   Because of his relationships with Amblin, Bad Robot, and Lucasfilm, Todd wanted to create an amazing short film as a “Proof of Concept” to show his love of  Star Wars, as well as his ability to work within that universe.  STAR WARS THE APPRENTICE was that creation, originally shot, edited, and presented privately to Kathleen Kennedy at Lucasfilm.    She loved it, and eventually gave us permission to share it under the condition that we clearly note that this is not an official Lucasfilm project.

The film eventually found it’s way to the internet, went viral, and we found ourselves on Kotaku, Io9, and even the Washington Post, among hundreds of other places online.    It’s been universally well received, and it was a real pleasure to score this piece, even a little (unofficial) corner of the Star Wars Universe.

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