Hammer & Bolter

Original Score by Jonathan Hartman

I’m proud to announce that I’m scoring the new series HAMMER & BOLTER for Games Workshop’s new service Warhammer Plus.    This amazing show is an anthology series, with each episode exploring a different corner of the vast Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar universes.

One of the amazing challenges and freedom that this series offers is the need to keep a consistent sense of sonic identity to each universe, whilst still exploring and creating  individual sounds and musical themes for the unique characters, factions and settings.  The series has provided an opportunity to compose and record for wide ranging instrumentation.  In the first season alone I have recorded solo cello, violin, vocalists, a viking “shout choir”, Persian Kemenche,  brass ensembles, medieval Hurdy Gurdy, nordic Taglharpa, and percussion from Ireland, Scotland, India, Iran, Japan, and Morocco.

Additionally, this series boasts a massive epic sound, particularly when it comes to its action and fight sequences.  Its possibly the LARGEST sound I’ve crafted for media yet.  All incredible fun.

Because the episode are varied, I’ll be adding project updates in the NEWS section of the website covering some of the unique musical aspects for each.

Hammer & Bolter is available on Warhammer Plus: