Chichester Composer Photoshoot

Awhile back I had an idea for new composer photos.   I noticed that nearly all composers (myself included!) had the typical photo at a piano, or a recording mixing board .  Since I work on a lot of genre projects, especially fantasy and science fiction, I thought it would be fun to express that love of filmmaking with an atypical composer photoshoot.

I reached out to Thomas Birkett, who had photographed most of my orchestral recording sessions with a fairly ridiculous idea.  Me, pictured comfortably in a leather wingback chair, with some musical elements, calmly surrounded by an absolutely insane medieval battle! He jumped onboard and a few months later we found ourselves at the Petworth Estate in Chichester England filming this.

We brought on a number of fantastic historical reenactment groups, including the Suffolk Swords, as well as a number of actors and specialists such as dancers, strongmen, archers, and even a mounted knight!  There will be a complete list and accreditation of the amazing team, actors and participants upon release of the final project in about a months time…

in the meantime here are some incredible Behind the Scenes pics from the photoshoot last week in England.

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