Blacktalon Recording Sessions BTS

Pleased to share some Behind the Scenes photos and footage of my 2022 recording sessions in Budapest, Hungary for the recently released BLACKTALON for Warhammer Plus.  Blacktalon is an epic fantasy adventure, with equal parts action and mystery and Neave Blacktalon smites the foes of Sigmar.

BLACKTALON was an incredibly challenging and epic score to write and produce! I wrote and recorded for a 79 piece orchestra, as well as a large women’s choir that varied between 20-80 voices for various musical cues. Recorded over a week in Budapest, Hungary, then mixed for 16 days at Peter Gabriel’s legendary RealWorld Studios near Bath, England.

I had an incredible music team support me and bring this to life including my engineer Adam Schmidt, music editor Nate Underkuffler, score coordination asst Fabio Amurri, lead orchestrator Jehan Stefan and his team in Paris (Vili Robert Ollila, Simon Nathan, Gwenaël Mario Grisi & Sam Jones), orchestrators Doug Besterman, Michael Starobin, and Mark Graham, our amazing conductor Constantine Kitsopoulos, as well as Russ Bartmus and his always impeccable team at JoAnn Kane Music.

In the course of recording massive Anvils for the series we managed to break several hammers in the process! How many hammers does it take to make a Warhammer series? pparantly 7 or so…

You can watch the series on Warhammer Plus here:


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