Warhammer Plus: FANGS (Hammer & Bolter)

The latest episode of HAMMER & BOLTER, my Warhammer anthology series on WARHAMMER + has been released! This episode is particularly fun as it features three aspirants on epic quests to join the Space Wolves marine chapter as recruits.

When I composed the original score for this episode I had to bring in much of the analog synth sound of the Warhammer 40k feel, but pair with rigorous wild elements for the Space Wolves. I purchased and quickly learned how to play a nordic Taglharpa, which I recorded extensively in the episode, along with Celtic frame drums, Goat and Ram’s horns, and vocals. I enlisted a small cadre of talented singers to record what I affectionally referred to as a “viking shout choir”

Because we were in the midst of the worst of Covid, we decided to record them individually under strict audio Covid protocols, and then layered their performances to provide the sound of large choir comprised of dozens of men.

All of the action sequences feature multitrack singers to give that wild, out of control and truly lethal sound of the Space Wolves home planet of Fenris!

You can watch this episode along with all of the episodes of HAMMER & BOLTER on Warhammer Plus. https://warhammerplus.com

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