Warhammer Plus: GARDEN OF GHOSTS (Hammer & Bolter)

The latest episode of my series Hammer & Bolter is now available on Warhammer Plus! GARDEN OF GHOSTS explores a powerful story of an Aeldari Warlock revisiting his original Craftworld in the aftermath of an incredible conflict. He’s on a specific quest, one that will blur the lines of the present and the past, and force him to deal with the tragedy of war in order to find a path forward.

In many ways this was one of the most emotional and poignant of all the scores Ive composed for Hammer & Bolter. it’s such an intensely personal story with this character and his journey. I love that this episode shows another side to the Warhammer universe, and delves into the cost of war in truly unique ways.

We also get to see the amazing Aeldari Striking Scorpions and how truly lethal and fast they are!

Along with vocals, this episode features extensive percussion, especially frame drums, as well as unique instruments like the Persian Kemenche.

This episode featured Monique Donnelly, and incredible female vocalist that has me in awe every time she sings. This episode features the first ever song written and sung in Aeldari!

Working closely with Games Workshop, the Warhammer Plus team, and the Warhammer designers, we spent a lot of time developing the actual SOUND, phrasing and diction of the Aeldari language. It was an incredible honor to approach the unique challenge of composing a song in a language we’ve never heard before!

More info here: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/09/30/watch-the-new-hammer-and-bolter-trailer-for-fresh-insights-into-whats-coming-next/

You can watch all of HAMMER & BOLTER on Warhammer Plus:https://warhammerplus.com

September 29, 2021

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