ANGELS OF DEATH Soundtrack Release- Warhammer 40,000

My Music for ANGELS OF DEATH is now available worldwide!

The Soundtrack for Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER 40,000 series is now on their website, as well as iTunes.

This has been an absolutely amazing launch for this soundtrack.  ANGELS OF DEATH premiered on the iTunes charts in a huge way!

As of June 23, 2020 on the Launch:

  • Worldwide: The #40 Album worldwide on launch, and moved to #33 worldwide on day two.
  • USA: Broke into the top hundred at #79 and moved to #34 day two!
  • UK: The #11 Album on Launch and the #3 Album in the entire country day two!
  • Canada: #11 Album on Launch
  • Australia: #15 Album on Launch
  • Brazil: #13 Album on Launch
  • Germany: #39 Album on Launch


This has been an amazing project, the first of many musical explorations into the Warhammer universe with the Warhammer Storyforge Media division.  31 Tracks of Epic Action, Adventure and brooding atmospheric Synthwave….

Its available on Games Workshop’s worldwide stores, as well as Apple iTunes

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