This Last Lonely Place- Film Released

TLLP One Sheet 2This Last Lonely Place, now available on demand online

Nov 10, 2104

THIS LAST LONLY PLACE is now available to watch via streaming and non-DRM download!   I recently scored This Last Lonely Place, starring Rhys Coiro, Xander Berkeley, & Carly Pope. You can watch the film at:

Leonard Martin describes This Last Last Lonely Place as  “A taut, surprising,compelling film noir. Well-acted and extremely well shot on the streets of Los Angeles at night. I thoroughly enjoyed it!” 

Directed by Steve Anderson and produced by Industry Standard films and Humphrey Bogart’s revitalized Santana Films.  It was a real pleasure to score this film and I’m glad everyone can now have an opportunity to see it!

Jonathan’s latest film, ”This Last Lonely Place” (2014), features lush orchestral melodies, jazz, as well as distorted textures and guitars. A crime drama, the film is about a down on his luck cab driver (Rhys Coiro) that has picked up a desperate man & his mistress, running from a murder.  As the night spirals out of the driver’s control, it’s unclear who will make it out alive.

“The film presented so many wonderful opportunities to explore musical texture and color”, says Jonathan.  “There were so many subtleties within these characters, which was great because they weren’t one-dimensional.  That provided a lot of room for musical storytelling.”


TLLP Carly Pope Marmot

Rhys Coiro as Sam

Xander Berkeley as FrankOriginal Score by Jonathan Hartman


November 11, 2014

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